Why metadata matters and
why it should be retained

We’ve always had metadata on our images or video tapes, as caption, credit and copyright information on the back of a print, on a slide mount or on the label of a tape case. Important copyright and identification data was firmly attached indicating the asset value of the content.

In the online world there can be many copies of a single image or video file, and with millions of images or videos on the internet, metadata is essential for identification and copyright protection. We should ensure this metadata travels with the content as a digital label, and remains with it over its lifetime.

The metadata associated with an image or video can provide information about:

  • Copyright and other rights associated with the image
  • Contact information of copyright holders and licensors
  • Image content
  • Artworks, buildings and people portrayed in the image
  • Search terms (keywords)
  • Technical details of the photography
  • Rights restrictions for use of the image
  • Rights granted under a licence to use

Metadata adds business value to the artistic value of any media content. Preserving it will help maintain the value of your business.