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The owner of this image supports the Embedded Metadata Manifesto and submitted it to this site.

This picture supports the EMM



This picture was taken by Lauren Hawkins on 13 February 2012


Please acknowledge LaurenHawkins2012

More IPTC metadata are made visible below:

This is a list of additional IPTC Core and IPTC Extension metadata values which are embedded into this image:

Field name Value
IPTC Core: Keywords PTSD
IPTC Core: Title


Semantic Markup of the metadata

The Embedded Metadata Manifesto initiative recommends embedding a semantic markup of metadata values in web pages. That means that a special HTML markup is used which is invisible to the human eye but which can be read and understood by web crawlers. This special markup enables the crawlers to know exactly what the headline, the caption, the creator, the date of the creation, or the copyright owner of an image is.
This page includes for the metadata fields from the headline down to the copyright notice of the image - excluding the More Metadata table - semantic web markup using the IPTC rNews schema with RDFa syntax.
A variant of this page using the IPTC rNews/schema.org schema with the HTML 5/Microdata syntax is also available